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atlas systems io image2The platform comprises of a small, easy-to-use instrument (the io® Instrument) and a test-specific disposable cartridge (the io® Cartridge), specifically designed for use at Point-of-Care and in other decentralised settings, providing a laboratory accurate test result in around 30 minutes.

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A test and treat solution

Healthcare professionals are under increasing financial pressures and are constantly striving to improve efficiency whilst maintaining a patient-centred approach to care. The Atlas Genetics io® system is a rapid molecular diagnostic platform designed to detect the presence of infectious diseases, such as STIs, where an actionable test result delivered at the Point-of-Care can significantly improve patient outcomes by enabling a ‘test and treat’ solution, avoiding delays in treatment and the need for unnecessary follow-up appointments.

The io® system is operated using an intuitive touchscreen display, with a barcode scanner and POCT1-A connectivity for error-free sample-to-result traceability."

Technology & Test Process

The io® system utilises Atlas Genetics’ proprietary electrochemical detection technology which offers highly sensitive detection and multiplexing capacity, without many of the issues associated with optical detection technologies, to provide a low cost, durable Instrument that requires no maintenance or calibration.

The test process consists of a number of steps that occur on the io® Cartridge under complete Instrument control. The Instrument transports the sample around the Cartridge using pneumatics. All reagents required to perform the test are located on the Cartridge as either contained liquid reagents or as dried reagents deposited into the appropriate area of the Cartridge. These are reconstituted as the sample enters the area containing the deposited reagent. Following completion of the test process, the io® Cartridge is permanently sealed automatically by the Instrument to eliminate contamination and enable safe disposal. An Internal Process Control verifies every test result, delivering trusted results.