Upon launch in Q3 2018, Atlas Genetics will offer the only testing platform for Sexually Transmitted Diseases  (STDs) that is confidential, fast and secure, yet also delivers a personalized, physician-mediated and supportive care experience from testing through treatment.

From the moment a customer creates a secure online account, the Atlas Genetics experience is different. Today, companies exist that can provide at-home test kits delivered to a customer’s door. We differentiate by also providing individualized, science- and evidence-backed guidance to appropriate tests; access to optional pre- and post-test physician counseling; easy-to-understand test results; and included physician-prescribed treatment, if necessary. Throughout, individuals have access to world-class online or over-the-phone customer care to address any questions or concerns


Sexually Transmitted Infections Are Highly Curable, but Today Remain an Unchecked Epidemic Jeopardizing Both Health and Fertility.